The US Virgin Islands make up of several islands in the Caribbean Sea. This American territory is part of the archipelago of the Virgin Islands, which are located in the Lesser Antilles. the three major islands of the country include Saint John, Saint Thomas and Saint Croix, and there are several other small islands in the entire country. The country was originally a part of the Danish West Indies, but the islands were sold to the US after the treaty was signed in 1916. At present, the country is an organized and a legal territory of the United States.

Virgin Island National Park

Nature lovers will definitely be thrilled at the enormous beauty and charm of the Virgin Island National Park. The park is located in the island of St. John, and it features reserved parklands such as the Caneel Bay, Trunk Bay and Annaberg Plantation. The vast park would require you to allot at least two hours, so that you could tour the entirety of this lush and beautiful park in the US Virgin Islands.

Trunk Bay

In your visit to the US Virgin Islands, try to make it a point to visit Trunk Bay, an exquisite beach that would make you feel as though you are flipping through the pages of a nature magazine. The picturesque beach is a haven for relaxation, water sports activities and many more. The underwater bay at Trunk Bay is a place that you should never fail to visit, as you would have the chance to see the exquisite marine life that is sheltered in the finest bays, in the country.

Magens Bay

The beautiful thing about Magens Bay is that there are several mountains in the area that make the place secluded and populated by only a few. Thus, those who look for a quiet escape from the city should try to visit the serene ambience of the Magens Bay. The white sand beach and the fabulous emerald waters are excellent for those who prefer to spend a fabulous vacation in the prestigious beaches, in the US Virgin Islands. This remarkable natural wonder is located in St. Thomas island.

Coki Point

Coki Point is located in the island of St. Thomas, which permits you to experience the wonders of swimming with the lovely and bright-colored fishes in the country. The great thing about Coki Point is that you do not have to pay an enormous amount just for you to enjoy the thrill of seeing the lovely sights that the vibrant marine life offers. You could also check out the divine beaches at Coki Point, as well as the restaurants that could keep you nourished after a tiring activity.

Caneel Bay

The Caneel Bay, located in the island of St. John, is an exquisite place for tourists to enjoy the beauty of the beaches found in the island. There are several activities that many people enjoy about the place such as snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving and many more. Because of the clear waters in the scenic spot, you would have a great chance to see the beautiful array of marine life in this outstanding natural wonder.
The US Virgin Islands are indeed rich in numerous landscapes and beaches that are not found in any other parts of the world. You should try to read about the different places and locations that you should visit when you happen to take a trip to this Caribbean region. You will love the fascinating beauty that the natural wonders will offer you. Thus, make sure that you plan your itinerary during your most awaited trip to the lovely US Virgin Islands.