St. Maarten/ St. Martin is a territory of the Netherlands, and it is nestled in the southern coast or area of the Caribbean. The northern half of the country is a Caribbean island, while the southern part is a French constituent. The country is very popular because of its outstanding natural wonders, hospitable people and delightful cultures. There are multiple things to do while at St. Maarten. There are also several beaches and historic sites that many travelers should look for during their stay in the island of Saint Maarten.

Orient Bay

The Orient Bay is a popular beach in St. Maarten because of fun and exciting ambience that the beach exudes. The amazing white sand and excellent waters that surround the beach are definitely remarkable to observe. Because of the typically calm waters, tourists will enjoy engaging in a variety of water sports such as snorkeling, diving, swimming and many more. Aside from the enjoyable activities offered in St. Maarten, many people choose to avail of nudity sunbathing, which is a fascinating activity in the place.

Loterie Farm

The 150-acre farmland or forest is situated just a little past the foothill of Pic Du Paradise. Among the perfect activities in Loterie Farm that you might want to try is ziplining, which is an extreme sport that would cause you bruises when done the incorrect way. You will also find some plant life and animal life at the farmland.

Pic Du Paradis

Hikers will enjoy trekking and walking up the trails that can lead them to the Pic Du Paradis. Once you have conquered the summit or the peak, you would be able to have a panoramic and outstanding view of the entire island. The Pic Du Paradis has a total height of 1.492 km. The best way to travel and explore the natural wonder is during by going as a crowd or a group. Theft and other issues are among the serious problems of some travelers in the mountain this is why it is advisable to travel as a group.

Dawn Beach

This outstanding beach in St. Martin is located in the southern portion of the French and Dutch borders. The two best activities offered at Dawn Beach are watching the sunrise and snorkeling. The clear, blue waters at the beach are ideal for several hours in scuba diving or snorkeling, as you will have the chance to view the magnificent marine life underneath the water of the beach.

Friar’s Bay

The magnificent Friar’s Bay is well-known for its calm waters, which is why tourists with small kids should try this outstanding beach with fantastic activities that you could choose from, whether it is snorkeling or diving. The quiet waters in the beach are ideal for children who wish to swim, without causing their parents to worry. Because of the clean waters, many people are amazed to enjoy the sights and views to the beach.

St. Maarten is a lovely haven for nature enthusiasts, as there are several beaches that prove to be appealing to many tourists. At the beaches, you would have numerous recreations and activities that could give you spectacular experience that you would love about the place. If you wish, you could also trek or explore the wonderful forests that can be found in the country. Try to check out the different things that you could experience and explore in your visit to St. Martin. You will be able to have a meaningful journey when you plan the different places that you should go in your exciting trip to this idyllic and remarkable Caribbean nation of St. Martin.