Saint Lucia is an island that is found on the eastern portion of the Caribbean Sea and on the boundary of the Atlantic Ocean. The island country is a part of the Lesser Antilles, and the countries that surround Saint Lucia are Barbados, Martinique and Saint Vincent. The country has switched between French and English controls, but it has gained its independence in 1929, where it became established as an independent state. Saint Lucia, at present, has its own government called the Commonwealth of Nations. Because of the rich history of the country, it has become a magnificent venue for people that seek excellent adventure and relaxation in a foreign location.

Gros Piton and Petit Piton

The two peaks are the most popular mountains in Saint Lucia, as these cones provide an interesting origin of the entire island of Saint Lucia. The hint that the island resulted from the dynamic volcanic activities are the black rocks or formations that exist, at present. The sands of the beach are also black or dark in color, which is why many people realize the historical background of Saint Lucia.

Reduit Beach

Most of the beaches in Saint Lucia are small in total area; however, Reduit Beach is one of the longest beaches in the country. You will enjoy taking a long stroll on the clean and beautiful shore, or you can have a great time engaging in numerous water sports such as swimming, diving or snorkeling. There are several restaurants that are found in the beach, as well as water sports operators that can assist you in undertaking any interesting aquatic activities that you might like.

Grande Anse

The beach is about to become one of the country’s national parks, and it measure a total length of one mile. There is a cliff that serves as a backdrop for the beach, thus giving the place an exquisite appearance. Many people delight in the Turtle Watch that is a popular sight in the beach. Turtle Watch provides many tourists an opportunity to see large sea turtles lay their eggs and head back onto the sea.

Jalousie Beach

Jalousie beach is located in between the volcanic peaks of Gros and Petit Piton. The beach is famous for its white sand and blue waters. Tourists love to sunbathe in this exquisite beach, and the fantastic location of the beach makes the place well-visited by people from many countries. Adventure seekers that are fond of scuba diving and snorkeling will enjoy diving into deep dropoff that measures 1,800 in height. Moreover, there are several other recreation that would appeal to several tourists that visit the beach.

Anse La Liberte Trail

This hiking trail is a part of the three other trails in the country that is a part of the Saint Lucia National Trust. Many tourists adore the rich flora and the outstanding species of fauna that may be found on the beach. There are different bird species that make the hiking trail a haven for birdwatchers and environmentalists. However, the trail may be difficult to take when the ground is muddy and slippery, which are expected after the heavy rains.
The magnificent sights in Saint Lucia make this country an outstanding haven of natural wonders in the island country. There is a multitude of things that you could do while on the island, which is why it would be great to come up with an effective itinerary that could help you prepare for the trip. You should try to make it a point to visit the remarkable beaches, challenging hiking trails and the other excellent treasures of the lovely island.