Saint Barthelemy is a nation located in the Caribbean, and this French territory has been under the rule of the European nation for several years. However, the Swedish claimed the island after the duration of the Napoleonic Wars. Nevertheless, Saint Barthelemy was returned to the control of France, in the year 1878. Although the official language of the country is French, many inhabitants of the country speak in Swedish and French. Many tourists are interested to visit the country because of the rich natural wonders that are ideal for those that seek for adventure, relaxation and leisure. The popular sites in Saint Barthelemy include the pristine beaches, coral reefs and many other exquisite natural wonders.

Anse Des Flamands

This gorgeous beach in Saint Barthelemy is famous for the white sand that gives the beach a luxurious and remarkable appearance. The clear waters are perfect for those that delight in exciting and thrilling water sports or activities such as jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming. Many people can take advantage of the calm seas that provide perfect opportunities for sailing and yachting. Topless bathing is permitted in the beach, but nudity is discouraged.

Shell Beach

Saint Barthelemy is an island that is popular because of about 20 pristine beaches, and Shell Beach is among the best ones in the country. This beach has several palm trees, white sand and outstanding blue waters. The picturesque beach is a favorite vacation spot of many celebrities and elite businesspersons in different parts of the world. Because of the remarkable sights in the beach, it has become a famous site for photo shoots and many magazine pictorials. Cliff-diving is among the popular recreations in Shell Beach.

Gustavia Harbor
This natural wonder in Saint Barthelemy provides a breathtaking and panoramic view of the horizon and seas that surround the island. Many people are amazed by the rich spectacle of the landscape that surrounds the beautiful and rich country of Saint Barthelemy, which they could find while standing in the Gustavia Harbor.

Grand Cul De Sac

The waters that surround the Grand Cul De Sac beach are the calmest of all the other beaches in Saint Barthelemy. Tourists with families love to visit this beach because it is an ideal location for beginner swimmers, as well as the perfect place for little children to play and have some fun. The shallow waters in the beach exit into a lagoon; and the quiet waters make the beach be rather perfect for water sports such as windsurfing, sailing and kiteboarding.

Saline Beach

This unprotected beach in Saint Barthelemy is a mecca for nude sunbathers and topless swimmers. However, many people might find the beach rather difficult to reach because of a narrow path that is challenging to cross. Many tourists love the beach because of the naturist spots that are perfect for nude sunbathing. Since there are no services or restaurants in the beach, tourists should bring their own food, umbrella, chair, drinks and other essential items when they decide to stay on the Saline Beach.
Saint Barthelemy is a remarkable island that is located in the Caribbean; it is famous for its European vibe and chic ambience. Many tourists, particularly the rich and famous, are delighted to visit the country rather often; the great places for relaxation, exquisite fun and adventure make the island appealing to thousands of eager travelers and tourists every year. There are numerous beaches that vary in total land area, and there are also different rules or policy that apply to the exquisitebeaches. If you opt to experience the unspoiled beauty of nature, you should decide to visit Saint Barthelemy.