Montserrat is an island country in the West Indies, which is a portion of the Lesser Antilles islands. The nation is a British official territory in the Caribbean Sea. Because of the country’s similarity with the coastal Ireland, Montserrat has been nicknamed the “Emerald Island of the Caribbean”. Plymouth was the former capital of the country; however, the city was destroyed because of a major volcanic eruption in 1995. The devastating eruption of Soufriere Hills volcano was intense, which is why two-thirds of the population of Montserrat were forced to leave the country for survival. The country had regained its popularity among tourists when several areas were reconstructed, and tourism became active again.

Soufriere Hills Volcano

The volcano used to be dormant, but its intense volcanic activity and eruption in 1995 has caused great devastation to Montserrat. At present, many travelers enjoy viewing the remarkable Soufriere Hills volcano because of the guided tours to the grounds of Plymouth City. Tourists can have an opportunity to see the majestic volcano from afar, which is ideal in protecting people from possible danger when trekking the active volcano.

Blackwood Allen Trail

Hiking enthusiasts should never fail to check out this fabulous trail in Montserrat. The Center Hills are one of the paths in the trail, and this features several challenging climbs because of the steep paths. After a tiring hike, you can stop by the Blackwood Allen stream, where you could relax and rest for a while. The clear waters in the stream are home to many species of fish, as well as a rich vegetation and plant life. You can find numerous heliconia, the national flower of Montserrat, skirting the stream.

Rendezvous Bay

Montserrat has several beaches, but Rendezvous Bay is the sole, white sand and pristine beach that can be located on the island. The beach is surrounded by beautiful, clear waters; hence, many tourists can enjoy several water sports activities in the bay such as scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling. The underwater portion of the bay is pristine, which is why it is home to a multitude of aquatic animals that many snorkelers and diver can find.

Silver Hills Trail

At the northern portion of Montserrat, you can find Silver Hills. This is one of the oldest volcanic sites in the country, and the trail allows you to trek on this exquisite path. The inactive volcano has an interesting, unique appearance because it has gone through erosion and dissection for several years. The remarkable view around the Silver Hills can give tourists an idea about the possible effect of recent volcanic deposits to future generations.

Oriole Walkway

Biologists and nature enthusiasts will enjoy hiking at the Oriole Walkway, which features excellent biodiversity, lush vegetation and rich wildlife. The trail got its name because of the abundance of Orioles, the country’s national bird that could be seen flying around the forests. Birdwatchers should drop by Oriole Walkway because of the numerous breeds of birds that they could find in the forests such as the Mangrove Cuckoo, bridled quail dove, purple-throated carib and the trembler.

The magnificent natural wonders in Montserrat make the island country one of the most visited nations in the Caribbean. Nature lovers and birdwatchers will adore the exquisite trails that feature impressive biodiversity and fine vegetation, which make the walkways worthwhile to visit. There are also excellent beaches that have white or black sands; the beaches are perfect for people who need a quiet place to relax, or a fabulous location for several water sports including diving, swimming and snorkeling. The volcanoes also add to the wonders of the country because of the rich history and superb beauty they possess.