If you have plans of visiting the countries in the Caribbean, you might want to plan a tour in Martinique. The island country is located in the east coast of the Caribbean, and it is a French territory, just like Guadeloupe. France has a total of 27 regions, and Martinique is one of those regions that are under the sovereign of France. Because the country is a constituent of France, Martinique is a member of the European Union. The French-speaking Caribbean country is popular for the numerous white sand beaches, palm trees and eco-tours that appeal to environmentalists from several parts of the globe.

Les Salines Beach

Martinique is an island country that is abundant in divine beaches and Les Salines beach is one of the most outstanding beaches that tourists adore. Several people agree that Les Salines beach is the finest in the Greater Antilles archipelago, and thousands of foreigners visit the beach each year. Aside from the remarkable white sand, the beach boasts of the crystal clear waters, towering palm trees and a wonderful view of the sunset or sunrise.

Fort De France Bay

For water sports enthusiasts, they should include Fort De France in their itinerary during their visit to Martinique. The Fort De France is a favorite spot of beginner swimmers and snorkelers because of the calm waters that make up the bay. There are excellent opportunities for sailing and yachting in the bay, as well as scuba diving. Many tourists adore the outstanding array of tropical fishes, coral reefs and various marine or aquatic life that may be observed in the clear waters of the bay.

Mount Pelee

Mount Pelee is an active stratovolcano nestled in the island of Martinique, and it is popular because of the devastating eruptions that it has caused the country. The volcano has a total height of 1,397 meters, and it is one of the chains of volcanoes from Puerto Rico to Venezuela. The great eruption in 1902 has destroyed Saint-Pierre town in an instant. At present, Mount Pelee is a famous spot for hiking and trekking enthusiasts. However, geologists believe that the stratovolcano is possible to erupt again because of its active status.

Gorges of La Falaise

Hikers will enjoy the spectacular trail that leads to the Falaise River gorges, which is among the best rock formations found in Martinique. You could stop by at the river for a refreshing swim, particularly when the water level has the ideal height.

Morne Champagne

Morne Champagen or Champagne Hill provides an interesting nature walk for environmentalists and tourists that seek for a moderately challenging hike. The trail begins at the Grande Anse d’Arlet beach. Throughout the road on the hill, you will see black rocks that are a formation of lava. As you continue the trail, you will find a savannah that features rich wildlife. The trail also brings you to the crater of the Champagne Bluff volcano, which provides you a marvelous view of the Grande Anse, with its fabulous beaches and pristine waters.

Martinique is a splendid country that many tourists enjoy visiting because of the natural wonders that are found throughout the island. There are numerous hills and volcanoes that are perfect locations for hiking and trekking. Those who seek serenity and relaxation will adore the idyllic beaches that have white or black sands and remarkable, clear waters. The beaches are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, diving and several water sports. Many tourists also enjoy visiting the fabulous bays and coastline of Martinique because of the calm waters that make the natural wonders rather excellent for sailing, boating and yachting.