Jamaica is an island country that is part of the Greater Antilles archipelago. The country is located in the Caribbean region. The neighbor countries of Jamaica are the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. The country was formerly a colony of Spain, but it became a British territory until Jamaica had its independence in 1962. The inhabitants of the country, the Taino, named the country “Xaymaca”, which means “Land of Springs” and “Land of Wood and Water”. The name is perfect for the country because of the abundant water forms that are found in Jamaica. Many tourists are interested about visiting the country because of the rich aquatic or marine life, and the exemplary natural wonders that have exquisite species of fauna and flora.

Castleton Botanical Gardens

If you are a nature enthusiast or an environmentalist, you will enjoy the outstanding views and ambiance of the botanical gardens at Castleton. The gardens comprise a total of 400 species of flora and 180 species of palm trees. Castleton botanical gardens cover a vast area of 10 hectares, in the hills of St. Mary. Because of the serene atmosphere in the gardens, many tourists enjoy having a picnic or strolling along this natural wonder. The Wag Water River is seen in the gardens, thus adding a tranquil charm to this remarkable site.

Discovery Bay

The Discovery Bay is one of the most idyllic natural harbors in Jamaica, and it is famous for the Columbus Park and the remarkable small town that has been developed surrounding the bay. The Puerto Seco beach is located on one side of the bay, and this is famous for the white sand beach and clear waters. Many people love to visit Discovery Bay because of the great historical significance it has as this was the site where Christopher Columbus’ ship landed when he set foot in Jamaica.

Cockpit Country

This hilly region in Jamaica is famous for its dense vegetation, and several limestone denudation. You could find a number of plant and animal species in Cockpit Country. Birdwatchers and biologists would enjoy visiting this natural wonder rich in wildlife. However, Cockpit Country has harsh weather conditions, plenty of mosquitoes and intense humidity, which is why not many people visit the place.

Reach Falls

The fantastic Reach Falls is located in Manchioneal, a small town in Jamaica. Many people are fascinated with the exquisite beauty of the unspoiled and secluded Reach Falls. The falls make up of several cascades that fall into the emerald pool of water. Celebrities and moviemakers sometimes go to Reach Falls to have a movie shoot of a particular film. The natural beauty of Reach Falls never fails to impress hundreds of tourists from several parts of the earth.

Croydon on the Mountain

The plantation is nestled at the base of the Catadupa Mountains, and numerous tourists enjoy the panoramic views of the countryside that may be seen while at the summit of the mountains. There is excellent vegetation, numerous species of wildflowers and waterfalls that attract several nature lovers to visit the plantation.

Jamaica is an outstanding island country with rich fauna and flora. Many people are amazed by the natural wonders that they can find in the country. There are remarkable waterfalls, mountains and rivers that provide the tourists with numerous and exciting activities and recreation. Adventure seekers will enjoy the challenging hiking trails that can provide them a fabulous trekking experience. There are also fantastic rivers and other bodies of water that have countless species of fishes and marine life. The delightful views in the different tourist spots, in Jamaica, make the country a favorite vacation spot, in the Caribbean.