Honduras is a country in the Caribbean that is made up three major islands – Roatan, Utila and Guanaja. The largest of all the three islands is Roatan, which is famous for the cruise ship travelers. Utila is the smallest island that is a haven for whalesharks and rich wildlife, and Guanaja is popular for several mountains and paths that are not accessible by cars. There are several other islands and cays that make up the interesting country of Honduras, and these feature attractive sights and natural wonders that many tourists adore.

Jeanette Kawas National Park

The national park has a vast area of 790 sq.km., and it is nested in the municipality of Tela. The former name of the park is the Parque Nacional Punta Sal, but it was changed to Jeanette Kawas National Park because of the local environmentalist and activist that tried to defend the park from destructive future developments. At present, the park is protected by the Honduran government and the Ministry of Tourism. Many tourists enjoy the fine beaches, mangroves, lagoons and rock formations all over the park. You can find outstanding marine species, tropical birds, turtles and amphibians in the national park.

Pico Bonito

Pico Bonito is in the Northern coast of Honduras, and it is a part of the mountain range in the country. The peak is part of a national park that has a total area of 1073 sq.km., which is popular for its biodiversity. The main attraction in the park is the Pico Bonito, the largest peak of the mountain range of Nombre de Dios. The park features numerous rainforests, hiking trails and beautiful rivers.

Guanaja Island

The Guanaja island is located in the east coast of the Bay islands, which is popular for numerous beaches, pine forests and spectacular coral reefs. Many tourists that are fond of scuba diving and snorkeling enjoy their trip to the island. The beautiful waters and marine life in the island are unspoiled because of its seclusion from the other locations in the country. A narrow path leads to the island, and it is accessible by boat.

Pulhapanzak Falls

The path toward the falls is challenging to trod, particularly during the rainy weather because of the slippery ground. You will have to walk around a thick forest and pass through a canopy before you could reach the drop down to the falls. However, you would find the journey worthwhile because of the magnificent beauty that fills that entire Pulhapanzak Falls.

Cayos Cochinos

Cayos Cochinos is a marine biological reserve that is situated in the northern portion of Honduras. The islands are protected by the Smithsonian Institute, which is why it remains unspoiled of its beauty and wonders. You can find outstanding coral reefs and clear waters all over the archipelago. Because the island is protected by several organizations, the spots are protected from fishing and other activities that could harm the marine life in the islands.

Honduras is indeed a marvelous island country that is full of spectacular sights that will amaze many tourists. There are high peaks and national parks that are popular for their outstanding beauty and rich plant and animal life. You can find beautiful tiny islands in Honduras, which are unspoiled because of the protection given by the government and the ministry of tourism. The outstanding spectacles of the islands are popular among the natives and tourists from several parts of the globe. You should try to visit the beautiful island of Honduras, so that you could have a remarkable experience of being in a simple, yet attractive country that you have never seen before.