The Republic of Haiti is an island in the Caribbean that is situated in the archipelago of the Greater Antilles. The Caribbean country has two major languages – Creole and French. Many people from several parts of the globe visit this beautiful country because of the remarkable beaches, national parks, idyllic lakes, national monuments and many more. Although the 2010 earthquake has caused serious disasters to the island country of Haiti, the island still remains as one of the most beautiful country filled with natural wonders that attract hundreds of tourists every year.

Labadie Island

You will find several small islands that comprise the country of Haiti; however, Labadie Island proves to be the most exquisite among the many islands and islets in the country. This charming island is very popular among the tourists because of the outstanding beaches and pristine waters all over Labadie. The best way to reach the island is through a cruise. You could view the entirety of the island aboard a cruise, and you should try to experience the amazing beauty of strolling along the fine sand beaches on the island.

Lake Saumatre

Lake Saumatre, also called Lake Azui, is a picturesque lake in Haiti. The salty lake is the largest among the other lakes in the country, and it features a wide variety of flora and fauna species. The bright blue waters in the lake are home to a number of flamingos, American crocodiles, and waterfowls. Alongside the lake, you could find species of cacti and brushes that give the lake an interesting appeal. Nature lovers will love strolling along the beaches located within the lake, as well as the numerous marshes, mudflats, lagoons and fresh spring waters.


The beautiful waterfalls in Haiti are one of the best falls in the island. Located in Camp Perin, Saute-Mathurine is the largest waterfalls that attract hundreds of tourists from the different parts of the world. The clear waters are perfect for those who are fond of swimming. ThereĀ  are outstanding hiking trails that you can find around Saute-Mathurine.

Chaine De La Selle Peak

The Pic de la Selle is the highest of the mountain range in the island country of Haiti. The majestic peak has a height of 8,793 feet above sea level, and it is a famous hike for travelers that seek for adventure and extreme physical activities. The difficult climb to the Pic de la Selle may be a challenging ordeal; however, you will find remarkable sights once you have reached the summit. The Chaine de la Selle is popular among many backpackers, mountaineers and hikers from many countries.

La Visite National Park

The national park is one of the most popular attractions in Haiti, which was established in 1983. You can find about 80 species of birds in the park, thus making La Visite is a favorite haven among birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. The park is dominated by a rich pine forest, grasslands and broasleaf forests. Many tourists enjoy picnicking at the park or having a sip of the famous Haitian rum.

The rich beauty of Haiti, is a haven for nature lovers, environmentalists and tourists that have a passion for diving, snorkeling, trekking and hiking. The beautiful country features numerous beaches and lakes that are popular among the native and the tourists. You can find enormous lakes and dive sites that are home to hundreds of fishes and other aquatic animals. There are also several mountain ranges, valleys and hiking trails for the adventurous travelers. You will love spending weeks in Haiti, as you explore the loveliness that fills the entire area with this superb island.