Guadeloupe is a French territory that is located in the eastern portion of the Caribbean Sea and on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. There are two major islands that make up the archipelago, and the islands are separated by a narrow sea. The butterfly-shaped island comprises the East Grande-Terre and the West Basse-Terre, and the islands vary in the types of landscapes featured. For instance, the west coast offers rainforests, attractive beaches and numerous villages; on the other hand, the east coast features numerous hills, secluded beaches, cane fields and several tourist attractions. Guadeloupe is a popular destination of yacht charterers.

Parc National De La Guadeloupe

This national park in Guadeloupe is a natural wonder in the archipelago. Many tourists are fascinated with this national park because of the numerous hiking trails that appeal to beginners or professional climbers and hikers. The park provides several trails that the hikers could choose from such as the trails that lead to enormous waterfalls, and trails that are headed toward a volcanic peak. All throughout the hike, tourists could find interesting botanical gardens and some rainforests.

Jacques Cousteau Underwater Park

The underwater park is an ideal paradise to snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, as the park offers pristine, clear waters. As you go deeper into the waters, you could find yourself surrounded by bright corals, schools of fish and other aquatic animals such as octopuses, seahorse and many more. The unspoiled beauty of the park appeals to many tourists from all parts of the globe.

River Salee

This natural wonder is the body of water that separates the two major islands, thus giving the archipelago a butterfly shape. The river offers two narrow bridges  which is why tourists should line up in a single file when they cross the bridge. There is rich birdlife in the rivers, and many people can spot kingfishers, herons and egrets along the channel. The sea crabs running around the mangroves is also wonderful and remarkable sights.

Pain A Sucre

This small piton that measures 20 feet is an ideal location for the tourists can find plenty of white sand beaches that are donned with towering palm trees. If you are traveling on a yacht, you could park the yacht behind the piton, and enjoy a delightful time as you snorkel or swim on the clear, blue waters. The vibrant underwater life is exciting and thrilling to see, which is why this place is a favorite spot among divers and snorkelers. Pain A Sucre also features a path that leads to an interesting hiking trail, which appeals to the adventurous tourists.

Marie Galant

The lush green island is thickly forested, and the island used to be the base of 600 windmills that ground sugar canes. At present, 70 of those windmills are still found in the island; however, the windmills are no longer used for commercial purposes. You will find numerous hiking trails and anchorages that are outstanding sights when you visit the island.

Guadeloupe is indeed a charming little French constituent in the Caribbean Sea. The lovely butterfly-shaped archipelago is popular about yacht charterers because of the numerous activities and sights that the island offers. Moreover, there are always remarkable and picturesque natural wonders on both sides of the island country. Whether you are in the west or east coast of Guadeloupe, you will definitely find countless things to do or see. The marine life in underwater parks are vibrant and unspoiled, while the hiking trails are exquisite and appealing to the nature lovers. You would truly appreciate your visit to this idyllic island that is a beautiful paradise on earth.