Grenada is an oval-shaped country that is part of the Lesser Antilles, in the eastern portion of the Caribbean Sea. The island is volcanic, by nature, and it is composed of several ridges of mountains in the north and south areas. The west portions of the country have steep slopes, while the eastern part has gradually inclined peaks. Grenada’s highest peak is Mount Catherine, and it consists of scenic villages and wide areas of forests. Because of the favorable climate in the island, many trees produce fruit and flowers all-year round. The rich plant life and animal life make Grenada a famous tourist attraction in the Caribbean.

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse beach is situated at the western portion of the island, which is why the beach is protected by the high peaks at the country’s west area. The serene and calm waters of the beach make this tourist spot an ideal place or location for people who search for a serene and calm refuge. The Grand Anse beach boasts of the lovely white sand and the surrounding blue waters. Water sports enthusiasts would love to stay in the beach for some activities such as diving, snorkeling and boating.

Grand Etang

This natural wonder in Grenada is famous for the abundant mahogany trees, ferns gommier trees and several other plants. It is a volcanic crater that is said to have several legends and interesting myths. The park is famous for hiking trails, and hikers could find a number of animal species such as armadillo, mona monkey, Antillean tanager, and the broad-winged hawk. There are also diving sites in the park; however, divers should be careful because of the chilly gush of wind during the cold climates.

Concord Falls

Concord Falls is a part of a trail that branches off the Mt. Qua Qua trail. The waterfalls have three parts, and the lowest part is the ideal spot for swimming and camping. The third or highest portion of the falls provides a moderately challenging hike that takes hikers about two hours before they could reach the summit. There is rich vegetation and interesting animal life atop the Concord Falls.

Leveral National Park

The national park is the most popular coastal area in Grenada that features several fine beaches, a lagoon and marine areas. The lagoon is popular for the mangrove swamps and interesting species of birds such as the heron, waterfowl, black-necked stilts and snipes. The marine park is an exciting place for tourists to snorkel because of the abundant aquatic life and beautiful coral reefs in the park.

Lake Antoine National Landmark

Although smaller than the Grand Etang, the Lake Antoine is another popular volcanic lake in Grenada. The crater lake offers rich wildlife such as the snail kite, gray kingbird, whistling duck and limpkin. Because of the abundant species of birds in Lake Antoine, many birdwatchers enjoy visiting the beautiful natural wonder that features a remarkable hiking trail.

Grenada is a country rich in outstanding natural wonders and treasures, which make the island an excellent tourist spot in the Caribbean. Several people that are eager to tour around Grenada would observe numerous hiking trails, beaches, dive spots and bodies of water that they would love to visit. Moreover, there are outstanding activities that the tourists would enjoy during their visit to Grenada. For instance, they could experience the thrill in hiking and mountain climbing, as there are abundant trails and mountains for them to experience. There are also snorkeling and diving spots that would ensure the tourists that they would experience the thrill in meeting aquatic life forms closely.