The Dominican Republic is a beautiful nation that is part of the archipelago of Greater Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea. When it comes to population and total land area, the Dominican Republic ranks as the second largest nation in the Caribbean. The country’s capital, Santo Domingo, is the first settlement of Europeans in the American region. Because of the age-old history of Santo Domingo, the city takes pride in the many firsts in the American regions such as castles, cathedrals and universities. Aside from the impressive and historic buildings, many tourists can find fascinating natural wonders in the nation of the Dominican Republic.

Samana Peninsula

Those who have a passion for snorkeling and other water sports activities should visit the Samana Peninsula, which is found at the northeast area of the Dominican Republic. The peninsula provides relaxation to many tourists that search for solitude and serenity because of the lovely beaches and clear waters. Aside from the unspoiled beaches in the Samana Peninsula, you could have a wonderful time snorkeling or diving because of the rich underwater, marine life and pristine seas.

Punta Cana

Back then, Punta Cana was merely a sugar plantation that is situated and nestled at the eastern part of the Dominican Republic. However, it was developed into a beautiful resort, and the white sand and blue waters were preserved in the natural beauty and appearance. Hundreds of tourists decide to visit the remarkable beaches that provide all sorts of water activities. The calm surrounding is also ideal for just lying on the sand and relaxing.

Parque Nacional Del Este

The national park is located in Bayahibe, a fishing village in the southern portion of the Dominican Republic. Many tourists are amazed by the age-old limestone terraces and caves that are found in the national park. The caves are also historic because of the existing pre-Columbian pictographs and markings that were made by the Tainos, the early inhabitants of Dominican Republic. Diving enthusiasts would love to check out the coast in the park, which is rich in marine biodiversity and excellent waters. The Calderas Bay, which is found in the southernmost area of the national park, is famous for the lagoons, birdlife and mangrove swamps.

Isla Saona

The island is also located in Bayahibe, and this small island has a total measurement of 25 km. You would love the picturesque landscapes, white sand beaches, and lovely palm trees in the island. Snorkelers would also enjoy the fantastic waters, and they could have the opportunity to swim with bottlenose dolphins and manatees.

Damajagua Falls

The Damajagua Falls in the Dominican Republic is composed of 27 waterfalls that may be very challenging to visit. Moderate rains could cause heavy flood and strong current, which is why tourists should take extra caution during such a situation. The Damajagua Waterfalls are located in Cabarete, which is in the fishing town of Bayahibe. Those who are eager about extreme sports should try plunging in the high waterfalls, as long as they wear a helmet and a life jacket for protection. The refreshing and clean waters in the falls provide great relaxation to many tourists.

The Dominican Republic is indeed a haven of exquisite water forms and landforms that appeal to tourists from different countries. The outstanding number of activities and recreation can make people have an amazing time in this island nation, in the Caribbean. There are several places to visit in the island, which appeal to the adventurous people and nature lovers. Aside from the picturesque sights, tourists will have a wonderful time exploring the marine and plant life that prove to be rich in the Dominican Republic.