Dominica, or the “Nature Island of the Caribbean”, is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. You could find rich rainforests and exquisite marine life in the country that is famous for eco-tourism. The unspoiled beauty of the waters and lands in Dominica is among the many reasons for the country’s popularity as a tourist spot in the Caribbean. There are numerous recreations and fascinating landscapes that await the eager travelers in Dominica. Thus, many people decide to make Dominica a part of their itinerary when they hope to travel some of the most fascinating and exotic locations on earth.

Soufierre/Scotts Head Marine Reserve

Diving enthusiasts should never fail to visit the Scotts Head Marine Reserve, in Dominica. The reserve has numerous dive sites that are ideal for beginners and professional divers. Scotts Head Pinnacle is the most popular dive sites in the reserve, and the site features the ultra-clear waters of the sea, which almost appears as glass because of the clarity of the views you could see from it. As you dive far below, you could find rims of a volcanic crater, schools of fish, and unique reef formations.

Champagne Reef

This subaquatic hot spring got its name from the bubbles that rise from the sea floor of the reef. Hot water and bubbles surround you as you dive in this site, which makes you imagine that you are diving in a bubbly glass full of champagne. Kayakers, snorkelers, and divers enjoy the lovely view in the reef, as well as the refreshing feeling that the warm water provides them.

Dangleben’s Pinnacles

Located at the northern portion of Soufierre, Dangleben’s pinnacles comprise five pinnacles with varying depths. Divers and snorkelers would enjoy the magnificent experience of swimming with a number of breeds of fish such as barracuda, horse-eye jacks, cero mackerel, creole wrasse and several other large breeds.

Portsmouth/ Toucari

This is another marine reserve in Dominica, and it is located at the northern area of the central zone of the park. Divers will be amazed at the remarkable views of fishes, as well as the wrecks of the 18th century, which are found on this beautiful dive site.

Boiling Lake

Adventure-seekers and athletes would love to visit this exotic natural wonder that features lakes formed above the volcano. Hikers that look forward to extreme or intense adventure gear up to visit the challenging trails at Boiling Lake. The hike usually takes three hours to finish; thus, those who wish to explore the place should have high endurance level and excellent physical strength. The trails are steep and narrow, which is why it is not advisable for hikers to bring huge and heavy backpacks. Along the way, you would find the Valley of Desolation. The valley contains pools of scorching water and hot springs that contain sulfur-rich water. Once you have climbed atop volcano, you would smell the scent of sulfur because of the waters that are inside the volcano. The peak is foggy, humid and a little bit breezy, which gives comfort to the tired hikers.

The remarkable beauty of Dominica is the best reason why many tourists are fascinated to tour the country. There are numerous natural wonders that await many tourists from the different parts of the globe. Moreover, the tourist spots are very inspiring to look at, and these places are appealing to those that long for excitement and intense adventure. The waters are ideal for divers that wish to find exotic aquatic animals, and the landforms appeal to hikers that desire to experience the natural grace and beauty of the interesting country of Dominica.