Curacao is an island country at the southern portion of the Caribbean Sea, which is located at the coast of Venezuela. Curacao is consisted of the main or major island, as well as the little island of Klein Curacao, an uninhabited portion of the country. Among the three ABC islands, composed of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, the country of Curacao is the largest and most widely populated. The country’s capital, Willemstad, is a territory of the Netherlands. Many tourists enjoy the outstanding wildlife, nature views and landscape that make Curacao a popular tourist vacation in the Caribbean.

Shete Boka National Park

In Papiementu, a local dialect, “Shete Boka” means “seven mouths”. The name of this natural wonder describes the actual appearance of the national park, which features seven openings to the caves that are popular in this famous tourist spot, in Curacao. You will enjoy diving in the waters of Shete Boka, which is home to a variety of aquatic life. You could find several caves, interesting plant life and some rare species of reptiles in the national park.

Boka Tabla

The cave of Boka Tabla is an exciting place for nature lovers, as they can discover the impressive rock formations that make up the cave. However, you should be cautious when you enter the cave because of the narrow opening that makes up the primary or main entrance to the Boka Tabla. Moreover, you should pay attention to the strong waves that could usher you right inside the cave. Adventurers will surely enjoy discovering the remarkable features of this famous cave in Curacao.

Boca Pistol

Hiking enthusiasts should visit the impressive hiking trail that is located in the national park. At first glance, Boca Pistol appears as a barren tract of land with no life forms. However, you could find several tiny plant species that grow in the trails, despite the harsh weather conditions. You could also be fortunate enough to witness the interesting blo-blo lizards that are native to this remarkable island country.

Suplado Crater

The name got its name because of the crater-like hole that is formed in the coral blocks. The huge waves and strong water currents are the reasons why the holes were created. The holes may appear as though they will suck those who stay at the surface of the crater; however, this never happens.


If you think Suplado Crater has terrifying holes, you would find the large holes in Watamula even more frightening than the ones in Suplado Crater. The holes were formed by the strong waves of the ocean. The Watamula is located at the northwest coast of Curacao, and many tourists could hear the churning and loud hissing sounds of the underwater current in the holes.

The mind-boggling appearance of the Watamula features several holes drilled in coral formations. Because of the strong current by the ocean water underneath, you would hear breathing and deep vibrating sounds while walking along the coral formations.

Curacao is full of mysterious and fascinating natural wonders that appeal to geologists, nature enthusiasts and tourists that long for adventure in the outstanding island country. You could find boggling coral and rock formations, intricate caves and tracts of land that are not like the ones that you have seen in the past. The rich culture of the island is also another reason why you should visit the place. You could hear about the interesting stories and legends behind the natural wonders that you could find in Curacao. Moreover, you could feed your hunger for adventure when you decide to visit this interesting island in the lovely Caribbean Sea.