Cuba is an island country, which is found in the Caribbean. The Republic of Cuba, the official name of the country, consists of a major island called the Isla de la Juventud, as well as small islands. The largest city and the capital of Cuba are Havana, while the second largest island is Santiago de Cuba. In the northern portion of Cuba, you could find the United States of America, and the Bahamas. The south part of Cuba make up Jamaica and Cayman Islands. The island country of Cuba boasts of the rich wildlife, natural wonders and interesting culture.


If you wish to have an ecological trip during your visit to Cuba, you should drop by the Baracoa, an oyster-shaped bay at the eastern coast of the island country. You could find Mt. El Yunque as you walk around this fascinating island. This flat-topped mountain provides an impressive view of the rivers and the bay that surround the island.

Vinales Valley

The valley of Vinales is a preserved site by UNESCO, and it features outstanding spots for hikers and mountain climbers. The valley is one of the largest plantation of tobacco, and it is home to numerous cliffs or mogotes. The cliffs rise atop the valley, as though these are islands springing from a vast land. You could have an exciting time as you observe and explore the remarkable plant life in the valley.

Cienaga de Zapata National Park

The national park boasts of the enormous swamps in the island country. The swamps are perfect locations for the beginner or professional anglers and birdwatchers because of the numerous species of birds that are nestled in the national park. When you visit the park, you could stay at the Playa Larga, which is a popular resort that provides excellent diving and snorkeling spots. The rich aquatic life and clear waters appeal to many tourists that decide to visit this beautiful national park, in Cuba.

Alejandro de Humboldt National Park

Nature enthusiasts should never fail to visit the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, which is a famous park among many tourists. Because of the humid climate in the park, numerous types of plants and animals may be found in the forests and tract of lands in the park. Hiking is an excellent activity that may be done while in this ecological spot, in Cuba.

Sierra Maestra

You could learn about the rich history and ecological life in Cuba when you visit the Sierra Maestra. Hiking enthusiasts should try to plan your decision to drop by Sierra Maestra, a wide mountain range in the country. The natural wonder provides some historical significance to the country because the mountain caves in Sierra Maestra were used as great hiding places by the revolutionaries of the country including Fidel Castro. The mountain range appeals to hikers and mountain climbers that wish to experience and observe the rich vegetation in the place.

Whether it is in the mountain range or the seas, you would find outstanding forms of recreation during your visit to Cuba. You could choose to walk along the hiking trails, or climb the mountain ranges in the island country. Moreover, there are several snorkeling sites that would give water sports enthusiasts’ great reasons to visit Cuba. You could also learn about the remarkable history of the nation when you visit the natural wonders that have served some purpose to historical figures in the country. You would enjoy your trip in this island located in the Caribbean because of the diverse activities, outstanding tourist spots and remarkable culture that you would discover while you explore Cuba.