Cayman Islands are a British official territory located in the west portion of the Caribbean Sea. The three biggest islands in the country are the Little Cayman, Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. This interesting country is situated at the southern area of Cuba, and the northwest part of Jamaica. The Cayman Islands make up a portion of the Western Caribbean Zone and the Greater Antilles. This British territory is one of the world’s biggest offshore financial site. It is interesting to note that the old name of the islands was Las Tortugas, a name given by Christopher Columbus when he first discovered the islands. The name was given because of the numerous sea turtles. However, the name was changed to “Cayman”, a word that means “alligator”. Sir Francis Drake gave the islands this name, and he was the first noted Englishman that reached the islands.

Seven Mile Beach

This public beach is located in George Town, the country’s capital. Many visitors are amazed by this crescent-shaped shore and the pure, pristine sands of the fascinating beach. There are numerous bars and restaurants that provide tourists great entertainment and dining experience. You could snorkel on the seas surrounding the beach. In fact, first-timers would love snorkeling in this fascinating tourist spot because of the attractive corals and pristine waters.

Stingray City

Situated at the Grand Cayman, Stingray City is another popular natural wonder in Cayman Islands. The natural wonder is a shallow sandbar that provides an opportunity for you to feed and interact a number of Atlantic Southern stingrays that are common in the islands.

Mastic Trail

Nature enthusiasts and environmentalists should visit the Mastic Trail, which is a preserved site by the National Trust in Cayman Islands. The hiking trail is a 200 year-old path that houses a woodland area that has been existing for million years. You could find rare species of flora in the Mastic Trail.

Eden Rock And Devil’s Grotto

You might be intrigued about the name of this natural wonder in Cayman Islands. The Eden Rock and the Devil’s Grotto are among the best snorkeling and diving sites in the Grand Cayman. You would be impressed by the mind-boggling and unique mazes that are formed by age-old rocks underwater. You would be thrilled to find several species such as tarpon, barracuda, parrotfish and silversides when you take a plunge in the clear waters.

Bloody Bay Marine Park

Diving enthusiasts should have this natural wonder a part of their list of places to visit  the Cayman Islands. The marine park features the Bloody Wall, a jaw-dropping reef that is visible about 20 feet below sea level and 5000 feet underwater. At about 100 feet below sea level, divers would find numerous sharks, native stingrays and turtles, in this top diving and snorkeling spot. The marine park is located in Little Cayman, and it is frequented by thousands of tourists each year.

The Cayman Islands are an outstanding territory that boasts of several impressive marine parks, beaches and snorkeling spots. The numerous natural wonders in the islands appeal to many tourists because of the multitude of activities that are offered in the different locations in Cayman Islands. Whether you are at Little Cayman, Grand Cayman or Cayman Brac, you will be fortunate enough to witness the inspiring beauty of nature that the islands provide the tourists. The beaches are perfect for relaxation and socialization purposes, and you would love to lay down on the beautiful white sands. Those who are fond of water sports and activities would enjoy the different diving and snorkeling sites that are famous in the islands.