The British Virgin Islands is a British territory that is situated at the Caribbean and on the eastern part of Puerto Rico. The islands in the country make up a portion of the Virgin Islands archipelago. The Virgin Islands, the country’s official name, comprise of four major islands. Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, Anegada, and Virgin Gorda are the big islands in the country, and there are smaller cays and islands that make up the British Virgin Islands. Read along to learn about the top natural wonders of the country.

Sage Mountain National Park

When you happen to visit the British Virgin Islands, you should try to stop by the Sage Mountain National Park, which is located in Tortola. The reserve covers 92 acres, and it features several hiking trails that would appeal to nature enthusiasts out there. Moreover, you would see the majestic Mt. Sage that measures 1,780 feet, aside from a forest that is home to exemplary and numerous types of flora and fauna.

The Baths

You could find impressive boulders that appear as a labyrinth, and these are located in the island of Virgin Gorda. The stunning part about the boulders is that they have a labyrinth-type formation, which stands amid the pristine blue waters of the island. You would be amazed to see this picture-perfect maze that has eons-old interesting formation.

West Dog National Park

Another excellent natural wonder at Virgin Gorda is the West Dog National Park, a reserve situated at a volcanic island. The West Dog covers 24 acres of land, and you can find several breeds of birds such as the bridled terns, laughing gulls and many more. The popular recreation or activities in this natural wonder are snorkeling and diving.

Diamond Cay National Park

Biologists and environmentalists would love to drop by the Diamond Cay National Park, which is nestled in the island of Jost Van Dyke. You could see numerous types of birds such as terns, boobies and pelicans. As you walk along the park, you can come across Sandy Cay, the home of the endangered breed of turtles called the leatherback turtles.

Rhone Marine Park

This excellent natural wonder is the only marine park that is considered as a national park in the island of Jost Van Dyke. You could find the best attraction in the marine park, which is the Wreck Of The Rhone. When you visit the Rhone, you will find the British Royal Mail steamer, which has a length of 310 feet. The steamer was cut into two when it hit the Black Rock Point during the strong hurricane that occurred in 1867. You would find that the two parts of the steamer are still very visible, and the site has become a famous location for diving, in the Caribbean. Aside from the steamer, the Rhone and the dive sites, you would find an underwater ampitheater called Blond Rock. This natural wonder measures 12 feet and its outstanding rock formations impress many tourists in the island. You would also be awed by the Painted Walls, which feature vibrant-looking algae and corals that are situated on top of submerged rocks.

Because of the natural wonders of the British Virgin Islands, many nature lovers or enthusiasts from several parts of the world decide to visit this interesting country in the Caribbean. The rich flora and fauna, as well as the preserved natural wonders, are among the best reasons why the islands attract thousands of tourists each year. Moreover, there are several recreations that are in store for travelers that look for adventure, excitement and thrilling activities in the islands. You could also walk around the hiking trails, and find serenity amid the natural beauty of the environment.