Barbados is an island country located west of the North Atlantic and east of the Caribbean Sea. It measures 34 kilometers in length and 23 kilometers in width, totaling to 431 square kilometers. The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown, which is also considered the largest city in the island. Recent population census shows that the Barbados population is estimated at 284,000 people and around 30% of that figure resides in the capital.   Politically, Barbados is an independent state with the Queen as Head of State. Barbados is considered to be the most developed island compared with its neighbors especially since it is one of tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Barbados is also known for the hotels established for the island’s active tourism economy. Barbados citizens are called Barbadians, and a famous Barbadian is the artist singer Rihanna.

Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave is among Barbados’ natural wonders. The cave is located at the heartland of the island, in its central uplands. Tourists characterized this wonder as “breathtakingly beautiful” and a “unique phenomenon of nature”. Inside the cave are stalactites hanging from the cave’s roof while emerging from the ground are stalagmites. There are also stalactites and stalagmites, which meet each other to form spectacular columns for visitors to wonder. Trams are provided, where tourists can ride to roam around the cave systems of Harrison’s Cave. There is also a beautiful waterfall waiting for the visitors at the lowest level of the cave, which crystal clear water flow in steady streams.  Administrators of the cave provide knowledgeable tour guides to give a historical background of the cave. Finally, a Visitor’s Centre is established to give refreshments and souvenir items for Harrison’s Cave visitors.

The Animal Flower Cave

Another wonder of the Barbados is the Animal Flower Cave in St. Lucy located north of Barbados. Legend says that the name of the cave came from a sea creature living in the pools of the cave. There are many pools inside for tourists to indulge in swimming activities. The walls of the cave are color brown and green, said to be caused by the oxidation of iron and copper. Various openings of the cave are outlets leading to the sea to provide tourists a beautiful view of the Atlantic sea and the northern coast of Barbados. The Cave also provides facilities, such as bars, restaurants and souvenir shops offering works of Barbadians.

Carlisle Bay

The Carlisle Bay is very famous for its natural harbor and the marine park located therein. Most importantly, Bridgetown or the island’s capital is situated in this bay. Carlisle’s Bay unique harbor is home to several shipwrecks (said to be almost 200) silently sleeping beneath the calm sea, together with relics, anchors and antique cannon balls. The beautiful sea of the Carlisle made the island popular for tourists looking for snorkeling and scuba diving. Historically, the bay is named from James Hay, who is the 1st Earl of Carlisle.

Bathsheba Beach

Bathsheba Beach is a famous Barbados landmark and a favorite of tourists for its beautiful white sand and white water. The beach stretches in a long coastline made spectacular with various unique rock formations on the sides. The beach is located east of Barbados, where tourists can come for fresh sea air and great baths on Bathsheba pools. Tourists will particularly enjoy watching the strong Atlantic currents striking the rock formations to form cascades of foams. Bathsheba Beach is also home to fishing villages, guest houses, and restaurants to complements the needs of visitors of the area.  The name of the beach is taken from a biblical character called Bathsheba, who is the wife of Israel’s King David.

Crane Beach

Crane Beach is another spectacular beach offered to Barbados’ tourists. This natural wonder is located on the southeast part of Barbados and famous since its inclusion in the Top 10 list of best beaches in the world compiled by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. The name was taken from a literal crane, which can be seen at the top of a cliff in Crane Beach. Tourists can visit the place and avail the amenities of resorts on top of the cliff and get a spectacular view of the beach. Finally, the famous Grand Jete Statue is also found in this place.