Antigua is part of the West Indies located in the Caribbean. The name Antigua means “ancient” and believed to be given by Christopher Columbus. The island of Antigua has an area of 281 kilometers, which accommodates a population of 87,000 people. Antigua’s economy is sustained primarily by tourism, while the small agricultural sector is maintained for the food needed by citizens. The capital of Antigua is St. John and has the capacity to receive large cruise ships. The capacity of St. John to receive docking ships makes it a perfect harbor for any Caribbean destination packages. Finally, the island supports an airport to accommodate a busy tourism traffic.

Indian Town National Park

Antigua is famous for its beautiful nature attractions and among them is the Indian Town National Park. The national park can be found east of Antigua. Tourists who visit the park will enjoy various leisurely activities, such as hiking and swimming. The park also hosts snorkeling activities, especially with the beautiful bodies of water located in the park. Finally, park offers different species of birds, making it conducive for bird watching. The Indian Town National Park is a perfect escape of any tourist looking for a nature-friendly trip trying to escape a busy metropolis life.

Devil’s bridge

The Devil’s Bridge is among the famous attractions that tourists go when in Indian Town National Park. Devil’s Bridge is a natural rock arch located at Indian Town Creek east of Antigua and is a tourist favorite because of its unique limestone formation forming the bridge-shape arch. The Devil’s Bridge is made attractive by blowholes surrounding the bridge, which sprouts fountains of water. The name came to be because it is believed that slaves Tourists will have to allot at least half of the day to enjoy this natural wonder of Antigua.

Boggy Peak

Boggy Peak is also known as Mount Obama and, this is the highest point of Antigua. Tourists can reach the top with an hour of hike or climb. The climb will be worthwhile since the view from the top includes not only Antigua’s landscape but nearby islands, such as Montserrat and St. Kitts. Tourists will experience the pristine condition of nature along the climb to the top, including tropical forests. Another peak that visitors can enjoy and find worth visiting is Signal Hill, which is 1217 feet and offers a great view of Antigua.

Dickenson Bay

Dickenson Bay is among the famous beaches of Antigua, which is located northwest of the island. Tourists who visit the place are not exactly looking for peace but to enjoy hotels and restaurant amenities. Dickenson bay is also known for its fine white sands and tranquil sea. There are so many things that a visitor of Dickenson bay can do other than eat at restaurants or stay at its luxurious hotels. Off the Dickenson coast are small islands, which were perfect for island hopping activities and swimming. Dickenson Bay also boasts a one-mile-long coral reef conducive for snorkeling and diving.

Half Moon Bay

Half moon bay is believed to be the most beautiful beach in the whole Antigua. This bay is located east of English Harbor and is almost one mile long of pure beach and sand for tourists to enjoy. Half Moon Bay faces a rough sea due to Antigua’s south winds, but an offshore reef protects the bay’s beautiful beach. Half Moon Bay also provides various activities since it is part of a national park. Antigua’s tourists make this a priority destination for any vacation especially for snorkeling adventures. Swimming can is even more fun with other beaches due to the bay’s fine sand and Antigua’s warm climate.